Roku Activation Steps

All Users, Follow all Roku Activation Steps Guide

Go to URL: for activate your device . Read and follow all instruction on your TV Screen.

Activate Link Code

Enter your Roku Activation Code on your device like Computer, Laptop, and Smartphone.

Roku is support all compatible devices and all channels and Roku is a free of cost activation service.

What is

You can easily activate a Roku device via the Roku activation link. go to the link and enter the Roku activation code on the website. this activation link help to activate your Roku Tv or streaming player. For this, you need to have a Roku link code to the Roku account.

With the Roku account setup, all your activity is recorded such as your preferences and settings, which channels you have activated in the Roku device. you need to have an e-mail address to keep all activity and information. This will get your notifications. for this, you need a strong and secure password.

roku setup


  • Users can easily activate from
  • Users can see many Roku movies, videos, channels and live to stream.
  • Roku account is a free account service for every user.

How do I activate my Roku?

  1. Firstly, follow the Quick Start Guide to know the Roku device.
    • Visit for more info about the Roku device or TV setup of the Roku support site.
  2. You have required for streaming: Internet connection.
    • Needed during setup and activate: you have a computer, laptop, and smartphone.
  3. Power Up Roku device.
    • Insert batteries into remote.
  4. Begin to follow the guided setup.
    • Choose your language.
  5. Connect to your Internet connection network. Wireless, Wired.
    • Then checking your connection. follow the on-screen instruction. Your software downloaded and updated.
  6. Using a web browser on a computer or mobile device. follow these steps.
    • Visit the URL:
  7. Enter the code: LM7K
    • This screen will update you are done.
  8. Activate your Roku device.
    • Go to Enter the Roku link code display on your TV. click on submit.
    • Next, choose your PIN preference.
    • Click continue, complete your payment information.
    • Add channel to my roku account, what you want to see. Click on continue and your channels will be updated.
  9. Setup your Other device.
    • Let’s connect your device and plug the HDMI port into the Roku device.
    • Connect your device and you can select the game console, cable box or antenna TV.
  10. You have complete all the steps and done.
    • Optionally, If you want to set up the antenna TV input.

Roku activation steps