In this winter season Roku is coming with a lot of plans and policies on devices like upgrading devices. And recently there was news of increase in scam related to Roku.

Roku device activating service is all time free. Many fake e-mails and phone calls come in the name of Roku who speaks to pay to install the equipment.

In these messages, you enter your credit card and bank account information for activation fee. We advise you to beware of such fake information.

Some people use Roku device to create an account to subscribe to monthly and annual plans. These are fake and scams and not valid information.

This line taken from Roku official company:

For creating Roku Account, there is no activation charges will be charge by the Roku company. Also Roku does not incur any setup price.

How to recognize our Roku customer support:

  • They will never ask for your Roku account details.
  • They will never ask you for computer access.
  • They will never ask for your social security number or date of birth.
  • They will never advise you to purchase any product.

How To Set Up Your Roku ?

We provide setting up process your Roku.

  1. Firstly, Read and follow the on screen direction.
  2. Open your web browser on google or bing.
  3. Type URL:
  4. Insert the Roku link code from your device.
  5. Your activation code will appear on 5 digit code like “XD11S”.
  6. Click on submit button.
  7. Then create your account and complete process.

Now, Complete your Roku device setup process and ready to use.

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